Top Five Favorite Book Cover Attributes!

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 I definitely love having an excuse to talk about book covers. While you can’t entirely judge a book by its cover, I believe they are essential in that initial assessment of “is this the type of book I’d like to find out more about?” Today’s post was supposed to discuss book cover trends that I like/dislike but I decided to switch it up because I would call the things I like about covers attributes rather than trends.

Top Five Favorite Book Cover Attributes!


I know, of all the Dragon covers I have to choose from, why did I take three from the same author to showcase? There are so many and interpretations of what dragons look like, and I’ve always felt that these perfectly represents how I picture dragons. They are also frigging cool books.


Iwould be willing to bet that everybody will have this one on their lists today because in my opinion girls in pretty dresses is the most prominent book cover trend, especially in the YA category. I don’t care. I don’t like all of them, but I especially love these.

Luis Royo:

 I can’t have a cover geek-out without mentioning Luis Royo. Not only is he my favorite artist, but is responsible for my all time favorite book covers. I’ve chosen to represent the covers from the only Czerneda series I haven’t yet read (but am dying to).


 Yes, I realize Mercy doesn’t really have all of these tattoos, but I still think the covers are gorgeous and highly marketable because they decided to keep them anyway (there is actually an interesting story behind how Mercy ended up with tattoos on… One which I will talk about if I ever get around to posting the Q&A from the Patricia Briggs book signing). Anyway, I love the colors and the fact that the tattoos change to match the theme of each book.

Cloaked Thieves:

I don’t know when it happens, but somewhere along the line I found myself drawn to cloaked figures on covers. Maybe it was the mystery they promise, but all of a sudden I had a dozen thief books on my shelf… not a bad problem to have. Unless you consider that I bought them solely on the covers (good thing they’re mostly good).

Well, that’s my list for now. I might add to it later, but these are definitely my top picks. What book cover trends do you like?

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7 comments on “Top Five Favorite Book Cover Attributes!

    • I really need to read Kate’s books (and the rest of the clockwork ones too). I’ve been collecting them all because they are beautiful, but haven’t read them yet. Lol – book nerd problem #52


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