Top Five Favorite Book Cover Attributes!

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 I definitely love having an excuse to talk about book covers. While you can’t entirely judge a book by its cover, I believe they are essential in that initial assessment of “is this the type of book I’d like to find out more about?” Today’s post was supposed to discuss book cover trends that I like/dislike but I decided to switch it up because I would call the things I like about covers attributes rather than trends.

Top Five Favorite Book Cover Attributes!


I know, of all the Dragon covers I have to choose from, why did I take three from the same author to showcase? There are so many and interpretations of what dragons look like, and I’ve always felt that these perfectly represents how I picture dragons. They are also frigging cool books.


Iwould be willing to bet that everybody will have this one on their lists today because in my opinion girls in pretty dresses is the most prominent book cover trend, especially in the YA category. I don’t care. I don’t like all of them, but I especially love these.

Luis Royo:

 I can’t have a cover geek-out without mentioning Luis Royo. Not only is he my favorite artist, but is responsible for my all time favorite book covers. I’ve chosen to represent the covers from the only Czerneda series I haven’t yet read (but am dying to).


 Yes, I realize Mercy doesn’t really have all of these tattoos, but I still think the covers are gorgeous and highly marketable because they decided to keep them anyway (there is actually an interesting story behind how Mercy ended up with tattoos on… One which I will talk about if I ever get around to posting the Q&A from the Patricia Briggs book signing). Anyway, I love the colors and the fact that the tattoos change to match the theme of each book.

Cloaked Thieves:

I don’t know when it happens, but somewhere along the line I found myself drawn to cloaked figures on covers. Maybe it was the mystery they promise, but all of a sudden I had a dozen thief books on my shelf… not a bad problem to have. Unless you consider that I bought them solely on the covers (good thing they’re mostly good).

Well, that’s my list for now. I might add to it later, but these are definitely my top picks. What book cover trends do you like?

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Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Book Covers I Wish I Could Redesign! (11/12/2013)

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 Let’s face it, despite the old saying, most of us always consider the cover when deciding whether or not to pick up a book. I’ve always been a firm believer that the cover can tell you quite a bit about a title. Often times, publishers award the most desirable covers to the books they think are going to make them the most money. Even though it’s not a foolproof method, you could say that books with beautiful covers usually deserve a second look. That doesn’t mean a good book can’t have a crappy cover, as quite a few of my redesign selections today are among my all-time favorites. So without further ado:

 Top Ten Book Covers I Wish I Could Redesign! 

Interestingly enough, three of my ten covers were illustrated by the same person… I guess it’s safe to say his work just doesn’t speak to me. I’ve also included two Richelle Mead books because, as my favorite, I need covers that will help entice people to pick them up. There’s nothing worse than handing a customer a book with the disclaimer “don’t let the cover throw you off, it’s excellent!” The added visual really does help me get people excited to try new series. I realize a few of these actually have been redesigned, but I include them on my list anyway because I still don’t like how they were done.

  I love covers, so as a bonus I decided to include my:

Top Ten Favorite/Least Favorite Cover Redesigns:

Favorite Changes – Before:

Favorite Changes – After:

 Least Favorite Changes – Before:

 Least Favorite Changes – After:

 I liked the old designs better… I’m almost embarrassed to hand the Dawn Cook series to anybody now – it’s one of my favorite Dragon stories, but you’d never know it from the new covers.

I hope you enjoyed the extra mile I went this week. What book covers would you like to redesign? 


Top Ten Tuesday – Top Ten Book Covers by Luis Royo

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 In honor of Halloween, this Top Ten post was supposed to be devoted to my favorite scary book covers. As I don’t particularly like books with creepy covers I thought I would (yet again) take it in a different direction:

 Top Ten Book Covers by Luis Royo

 Not only is Royo my favorite artists, but his works often have a bit of a darker edge – perfect for Halloween (The covers I’ve chosen lack of a little bit of that darkness, but they’re in the minority of his works. Just do a google search and you’ll see what I mean…caution: they can get pretty racy).

 I been wanting to feature these covers for a while, so I’m glad I finally found an excuse. I will admit that some of these I picked up based on the cover art alone, which sounds weird, but he hasn’t let me down yet – some of these books are among my favorites.

 There you have it! What books made your list this week?