Niki’s Top Ten Bookish Problems!

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I think any obsession comes with its own unique host of problems. Part of the reason I love being a part of the book blogging community is that you guys understand and can relate to all of the problems associated with being a book lover. I imagine a lot of people’s lists are going to look similar today, so I will just join in the fray:

Niki’s Top Ten Bookish Problems!

Color-coding chart:
Green: A Light Problem
Yellow: A Moderate Problem
Red: A SERIOUS Problem

#1: I always want to read ALL the books: Seriously. The matter how much I’m enjoying the book I’m reading, and eyeballing all the other books on my shelf, wishing I could be reading those books too.

#2: No one will help me move again: ever. Even bribes don’t work anymore. My husband is totally screwed the next time we move.

#3: I have too many bookshelf knickknacks: granted, there are only about two per shelf, but when you have over sixty shelves… It’s getting a little crowded, that’s all I’m saying.

#4: I am suffering from a mild case of eye strain: which is horrifying because it’s freaking miserable to try to read when your eyes hurt. This sucks.

#5: I am really book greedy: especially when it comes to library books. I will check out titles I know I’m not going to have time to read just this because I can. I know I’m not the only one who does this, based on some of the other lists I’ve seen today, but I’d like to point out that my library only lends their books for two weeks and some of the blogs I’ve seen claim their libraries let them check out titles for ninety days!? I don’t know if I could handle myself.

#6: I’m out of shelf space: I’m not just running out of space, I am TOTALLY out. I guess it’s time to start culling the herd.

#7: I like books more than people: generally speaking, and I’m finally ready to admit it. I haven’t canceled plans in a while just to sit home and read, but I have avoided making plans, which is just as bad. For the record, my favorite people also have this problem, so we get along.

#8: I cannot shop at Barnes and Noble: without someone asking me to help them find something. I try to be unobtrusive, but they always find me. At first, I just assumed they recognized me from when I worked there (which I did for about eleven years), but now it has been about a year since I left and it keeps happening…

#9: I have a really hard time getting rid of books: especially ones I’ve already read, yet didn’t like. Each completed book is like a mini badge of accomplishment on my shelves and I find that hard to part with. The worst are the books I bought on impulse at signing events that I will never read but are awkwardly personalized. Anyone out there named Niki who would like some signed books?

#10: I annoy people: by talking about books so much. Get me on the subject and I can maintain the conversation for hours – especially if someone has read a lot of the same stuff I have.

What are your bookish problems? Do we have any in common?

by Niki Hawkes

8 comments on “Niki’s Top Ten Bookish Problems!

  1. A lot of these sound familiar! I have a whole room designated as the ‘library’ and there are stacks of books on the floor against the walls because there’s not enough shelf space. I’ve tried to organize them, this stack is sci-fi, this one romance, etc. They make my library look like a dorm room.


    • Lol, it sounds like you can totally relate! A whole room for your books?! That is amazing! There’s always that point where you realize no matter how well you organize it you’re just not going to be able to fit them all. Time for some new shelves ha ha.


  2. I’ve had four weeks and six weeks, but never 90 days. That’s…a bit too long, I think. Where’s the pressure to finish???

    I had to get rid of books by my third move. I couldn’t take it anymore.


    • I think so too. I was referencing a specific book blogger who must have had at least 30 titles out. I kept thinking, I’m sure glad I’m not the poor sap next in line to read any of those books at that library!


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