Dragon Obsession – The Literary Files

Up to this point, I mostly use this feature to highlight awesome dragon paintings (and the fact that I have spent way too much money on dust-collectors). Today, however, Dragon Obsession gets a new angle. What can I say? I was inspired.

Today’s post is a feature on an author who has dazzled me so much with her dragons that I can’t remain quiet about it anymore! I give you:

Robin Hobb

a43She  has written about dragons before, but takes it to the next level of brilliance in her latest series (The Rain Wild Chronicles). It follows the life cycle of dragons, makes them just as important as the humanoid protagonists, and celebrates just how beautiful and shall we say unhuman they really are. 

If you are a dragon-lover like me and haven’t yet picked this up you’ll kick yourself for waiting so long when you finally do (I know I did).

While this series can be read as a standalone, the characters within are ones we’ve seen before. In fact, this book is the culmination of everything we’ve been working towards in a previous series. Even though dragons don’t play a huge role in the earlier novels they are still well worth your time to read. The last book in the Tawny Man series was so profound that it  was one of the main reasons why I started this blog. I’d read a phenomenal book and had no one to tell… that had to change. :-)

So, if you’d like to start from the beginning (the recommended path) consider following the order below from left to right:

by Niki Hawkes


Dragon Obsession – The Visual Files


 Dragon Lake by Michael Whelan

This is the second Michael Whelan piece I’ve featured and it also happens to be a cover photo from the same Melanie Rawn series, Dragon Prince. As you can see On the right, I’ve tried to re-create it with colored pencil but it’s nowhere close to being finished (…or as vibrant. I’m definitely going to have to branch out into different mediums for this one). There are several different types of dragons that people envision when they read a story and I have to say that this photo comes really close to my “ideal” dragon.

by Niki Hawkes


Dragon Obsession – The Visual Files


Meet Pete!

 This little guy is the newest addition to my collection. I have so many dragon and fairy figurines that I won’t buy anymore unless they really strike me (mostly because I’m running out of room – lol). I generally veer away from anything that is either purple or orange (because I’m weird and I just don’t like those colors) so it’s a testament to just how cute I thought he was that I bought him anyway. He’s not the only one in my collection featuring an egg, but he is the only one with an egg that I actually like (come to think of it, I should probably get rid of the other one…).

Featured in the background are two of my favorite dragon books: Dragon Weather by Lawrence Watt – Evans and Dragon Champion by E.E. Knight.


Dragon Obsession – The Visual Files


Cadmus and the Dragon of Ares

by Ciruelo

 I’ll admit that the first couple of times I saw this painting I didn’t even notice the dragon – that sense of discovery I felt when I finally saw it is probably why this is one of my favorites. Not only is it visually stunning, but it evokes in me feelings of everything I love about dragons and fantasy, indicating that magic is all around us even when we aren’t aware of it. The inspiration from this photo is actually the starting point from which I developed a new breed of forest-dwelling dragons in the novel I’m working on. It always gets me in the mood to write when I see it.

My Dragon Obsession files would not have been complete without this one, and it probably won’t be the last Ciruelo picture I post, either – he has some of the best dragon paintings out there. This is the book I snagged it from:



Dragon Obsession – The Visual Files


Ciruelo Dragon Art

Taken from this Ciruelo print has always been one of my favorites. I love the blend of colors for the sky and the rock and I love the little castle in the distant. My favorite element (obviously) is the dragon, particularly the obsidian scales and the pointed shape of  its head. Ciruelo has some of the best life-like dragon paintings out there, so I knew my Dragon Obsession list wouldn’t be complete  without at least one of his prints.

For a great compilation of his paintings, check out:

a1Title: The Book of Dragons

Author: Ciruelo

Overview: They lurk in the most hidden corners of the world: the powerful and beautiful creatures known as dragons. We know them as the terrifying beasts of fairy tales, but their own story has remained a mystery–until now. Ciruelo, an illustrator of astounding skill, delves into their secret universe, revealing a rich and fascinating culture filled with poetry, magic, enchantment, and knowledge. Each of these wondrous creatures has its own unique personality and history, and it’s captured dramatically on these spectacular pages. But the revelations go beyond the images, as we gain insight into their psychological characteristics; encounter many different types (Earth Dragons, Water Dragons, Fire Dragons, and the legendary Golden Dragon); learn about their long-held customs; and explore the many legends in which they have figured so prominently–including the heroic tales of Perseus, Hercules, and Tristan.


Dragon Obsession – The Visual Files


Meet Lem and Bartholomew (Bart for short)!

One of my newest pieces, this duo was just what I needed to add the edge back into my collection (I went on a fairy figuring buying splurge… long story). I love it because of the fine detail work, specifically in the dragon’s face. You see, I’m really picky when it comes to dust-collectors. They have to look somewhat lifelike or I pass them by. Usually, you have to pay top dollar for this type of quality, but I snagged it for a fairly reasonable price (which I can’t remember exactly, but it was well under $40). They fit right in to my aesthetic and are really attention-grabbers. They have also been known to startle unsuspecting visitors when they enter my library (including my poor mom). It’s good to keep people on their toes.