Top Ten Series I’d Take With Me on a Deserted Island

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I’ve modified this week’s topic a bit because the original (Top Ten Characters I take on a Deserted Island) definitely would’ve been a mix of my Top Ten Book Boyfriends and my Top Ten Favorite Female Characters so I decided to take a different route entirely and present my:

Top Ten Series I’d Take With Me on a Deserted Island

Kind of a hodgepodge, isn’t it? These titles represent my lengthier book favorites across a few different genres. While series length doesn’t necessarily coincide with excellent books (although there is a relation… authors who write better tend to get longer publishing deals), I decided to be strategic with my choices and take the series that provided the most long-term enjoyment. It pains me not to bring some of the shorter ones, but I think I’d get tired of them sooner. I should clarify that if a saga consists of multiple series, I’m counting them as one as long as they have continuity. That might be considered cheating, but I don’t care – I want to bring ALL the books.

What series would you take? :)

by Niki Hawkes

6 comments on “Top Ten Series I’d Take With Me on a Deserted Island

  1. Let’s just bring the entire library to the island! And some WiFi! THEN WE NEED NEVER LEAVE! Such a brilliant plan…heh. Least to say, you’ve got some epic series there. Ohhh yes to Harry Potter of course, and I still need to read something by Brandon Sanderson.
    My TTT!


  2. Harry Potter is a definite! Catherine Asaro’s Lost Continent series and Juliet Marillier’s Sevenwater series as well. The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot for some serious laughs and ditto for P.C. Cast’s Divine series. :D


  3. I love that you included Redwall! I might be almost thirty but that is still a favorite of mine. I would have to add the Stephanie Plum series and Sookie Stackhouse series to my list :)


  4. Being that I’d also include Kingkiller and Stormlight, I may need to check out more of your picks! I’d definitely have Brent Weeks’ Lightbringer books.


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